Gluten Free Flour Mix: The easiest and best

Gluten Free Flour Mix: The easiest and best

Gluten free baking! Everyone remembers their first attempt at making something gluten free. It’s intimidating, frustrating and a little scary!

The biggest challenge to gluten free baking is finding a good gluten free flour mix.

A gluten free flour mixture is the foundation of good gluten free baking. Experiment with different mixtures and you will quickly discover the difference it can make in the final product.

Have courage, take a deep breath and take the plunge.

“Anyone can cook, but only the fearless become great chefs” – Gusteau from Ratatouille

Wheat flour cannot usually be substituted for a single gluten free flour. Gluten free flours are heavier than wheat flour and do not trap air as well which is why glutenous bread is so light and fluffy. To compensate for this, a mixture of different flours is best. Including a starch in the mix also helps to lighten up the texture.

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This gluten free mixture is the best for a few reasons

  1. This mix tastes great and consistently creates wonderful baking.
  2. The cost is around 50% LESS than store bought pre-mixed gluten free flour.
  3. This mix is half whole grain which is awesome from a nutrition point of view.
  4. No measuring required other than the xanthan gum. Just cut open packages and dump into a large bowl.
  5. Use this mix cup for cup as you would regular wheat flour in standard recipes.

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Choosing Safe Flour Products

Studies have found 20-30% of naturally gluten free flours, but not specifically labeled gluten free, had cross contamination levels of well above the safe limit of 20 ppm. Therefore always choose certified gluten free flour products and reputable companies to minimize risk of cross contamination.  Avoid bulk bins for gluten free flours as the risk of cross contamination is also high.

You might be able to find these gluten free flours locally. Online shopping is wonderful for finding specialty gluten free items. Check out these website for gluten free flours. or Amazon.

Gluten Free Flour Mix


1 Bag (680g or 4.25 Cups) Brown Rice Flour (find it here)

1 Bag (680g or 4.25 Cups) White Rice Flour (find it here)

1 Bag (680g or 4.25 Cups) Sorghum Flour (find it here)

1 Bag (566g or 4.5 Cups) Tapioca Flour (find it here)

2½ Tablespoons Xanthan gum (find it here)


Using your biggest mixing bowl, add all ingredients.  If your bowl isn’t big enough, then add half of the ingredients and mix in two smaller batches.

Mix with a whisk for about 5 minutes to ensure the flours are very well combined.

Store in a large, air tight 5L jar or container.  Best if stored in the freezer to maintain freshness but will keep in a dark pantry for about a month.


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