Essential Gluten Free Flour Recipe

Essential Gluten Free Flour Recipe

Having a good gluten free flour mix is a game changer.

If you plan to do some gluten free baking, you NEED a good gluten free flour mix.  Please don’t swap out wheat flour for brown rice flour and think everything will be fine.  That is unless you fancy eating rice-flavored-rock-hard-muffins…

Let me save you time figuring one out! This flour mix is just what you need.

Starting out in the gluten free baking world, I didn’t find a good mix recipe for a WHILE…almost a year and a half.  As a result I avoided baking because it was a PAIN IN THE BUTT to measure four or five different types of flour every time I would try to make anything.  Then the result would tasty funky and the texture would be off.

I discovered this recipe and my world changed.  I made up a giant container and conveniently scooped some out like you would all-purpose flour for whatever recipe and know it (probably) will turn out! It is excellent for those people new to gluten free eating.

This gluten free flour mixture is comparable to standard white wheat flour.  It can be used cup for cup in standard recipes like muffins, cookies, biscuits and cakes.  The texture is going to be different in batter form, usually more sticky and thin.  Once it’s baked, it should create a similar product.  Hold off of more complicated recipes for the first little while – pies, bread and pastry are more difficult to figure out. Keep it simple!

Gluten free tip: Choose certified gluten free flour products to minimize risk of cross contamination.  For example, Bob’s Red Mill with the gluten free label on the package. Avoid bulk bins for gluten free flours as the risk of cross contamination is high.


Essential Gluten Free Flour


1 Bag (24 oz or 4.25 Cups) Brown Rice Flour

1 Bag (24 oz or 4.25 Cups) White Rice Flour

1 Bag (24 oz or 4.25 Cups) Sorghum Flour (alternatively you may use Sweet Rice Flour)

1 Bag (20 oz or 4.5 Cups) Tapioca Flour (aka Tapioca Starch)

2½ Tablespoons Xanthan gum


Using your biggest mixing bowl, add all ingredients.  Mix with a whisk for about 5 minutes to ensure the flours are very well mixed together.  If your bowl isn’t big enough, then half the recipe and mix in two smaller batches.

Store in a large, air tight 5L jar or container.

Keep in a dark pantry for a month or in your freezer for longer.

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