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Clear Focus Nutrition

At Clear Focus Nutrition I offer high quality and easily accessible education and support to people with celiac disease and those on a gluten free diet.

My name is Amy and I am a registered dietitian with a diverse nutritional background. A few years ago my husband, having felt sick for many years, finally went to the doctor and was screened for and diagnosed with celiac disease.

I remember those first months very well.  We were surprised at first, it was a diagnosis we were not expecting to hear!  Then we were grateful that we finally had some answers to why he has been feeling like this for so long.  We were relieved that there was something we could do about it. Cut out gluten from his diet and household. Good thing he was married to a dietitian, some family joked it was divine intervention.  It wouldn’t be so hard to figure this out, right?

Oh it was hard.

I remember we went through the pantry and the fridge pulling out every item and reading the label.  Well over half of it went out.  Donation to the food bank, given away to friends or thrown away.  It was quite emotional thinking about the loss of these foods in our future life and the crushing reality started to sink it.

What about all the baking I love to do?  Would I ever be able to bake bread, pie or muffins again?  What about all the traditional foods we have grown up with like perogies, Paska and Christmas cookies?

Would we be able to eat out safely? What about travelling?  What about family gatherings?

What about BEER?!

Slowly and surely we figured things out one step at a time.

His body started healing. He started concentrating better at work. His energy started coming back.

It became more comfortable eating and cooking gluten free and we focused on the foods we could eat instead of those we couldn’t.

Ironically, I discovered that the digestive issues that I had been experiencing since childhood went away on a gluten free diet and I underwent celiac screening myself.  I was not diagnosed with celiac disease but have non-celiac gluten sensitivity.

The most important thing that we discovered during our journey post celiac diagnosis is that there needs to be more support.  Especially emotional support, feeling connected and access to education.  This diagnosis is an isolating and life changing one.

Thank-you for being part of our journey!  Stay tuned and follow me for much information to come!

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