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Gluten Free Nutrition Plan

For busy Families

Feeling frustrated on the gluten free diet?

Get what you need. Become confident and well informed.

Hi, I'm Amy!

I’m a busy mom, dietitian and have been eating gluten free for years! My husband has celiac disease and I have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Let me help you on your gluten free journey!

Gluten Free Nutrition Plan for Busy Families

This ebook offers all the essential information you need to ensure you and your family is eating well on the gluten free diet.  

“I actually didn’t want to read this book because I thought it would be long and drawn out. It was great! Short. To the point. I read it on my phone, it was convenient and mobile friendly. It’s great as a refresher for people like me who have had celiac for awhile but want to keep up with research and new recipes. "
Chloeann Golinsky, Vancouver, British Columbia
Celiac disease client
“This book surpassed my expectations, honestly. I love that each page looks like a mini poster; they draw the eye and make the information so easy to absorb. I definitely recommend this book. It's comprehensive without being overly complicated. It fits in with busy family life and recipes are simple, varied and nutritious. I love the meal planner, so useful when you don't have time to think about what to eat!"
Anna Shankland, South Wales, United Kingdom
Busy mom with celiac disease

What this book can do for you

  • Feel confident you are meeting the nutrition needs of your family
  • Identify high risk foods and know if a food product is safe to eat
  • Consider traveling again
  • Become organized and inspired with tons of ideas for breakfast, snacks and meals your family will love
  • Get immediate access to this book and read on your phone or any device
"This book is comprehensive but easy to understand. As a dietitian, I need simple, concise and helpful resources for my celiac clients. This is a great book and I will highly recommend this for anyone needing to eat gluten free!"
Tabitha Lichty, Monetville, Ontario
Registered dietitian and mom of two under two

eBook Overview

Here's what you are getting

  • 80 pages of essential information written by an expert in nutrition
  • Practical tips and strategies from someone that has years of living with the gluten free diet
  • Diet overview including gluten containing foods, foods to question and gluten free foods
  • Information on how to read a food label and regulations in Canada and the United States
  • High and low risk foods and how to know if something is safe to eat
  • Eating out and traveling tips
  • Breakfast, meal and snack ideas
  • Strategies to ensure you are getting enough nutrients to feel your best
  • Three weeks of gluten free meal plans
  • Thirty family friendly recipes
"My 1st impression was 'oh great another book about celiac disease and gluten.' But what I got was a well written book. I really like Amy's ideas around menu planning. I had no idea what to do or how to plan. She gave me some good ideas for meals. I would recommend this book to my friends and family and to the newly diagnosed people with celiac disease.
Connie Trumble, Salina, Kansas
Newly diagnosed with celiac disease

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