Clear Focus Nutrition on A Canadian Celiac Podcast

Clear Focus Nutrition on A Canadian Celiac Podcast

Are you a podcast fan? I’ve recently gotten into them. In the celiac world there are a few out there but there is an exciting new one recently started by a Canadian and celiac baker, Sue Jennett. It’s called A Canadian Celiac Podcast!

Why I love podcasts!

Podcasts are the ultimate productivity tool. You can download podcast episodes onto your phone and listen to them while you are commuting, running, exercising, doing the dishes or whenever you have a spare few minutes! It’s a great way to add in some education and entertainment that doesn’t involve staring at a screen. Many people in the gluten free world need some education around celiac disease and the lifestyle that goes along with it. This new podcast fits perfectly into a busy lifestyle.

Here is the description off of Sue’s blog:

A Canadian Celiac Podcast will explore information, research, lifestyle issues and personal stories of individuals who have celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. The host, Sue Jennett has access to some of the prominent minds and personalities in the celiac/gluten free community in Canada. You will learn about new initiatives of the Canadian Celiac Association and how they can benefit you. Sue counts more than 20 years since both she and her daughter have been diagnosed with celiac disease. During that time, she has operated a gluten free bakery, run a celiac kids camp, and is currently producing and hosting a gluten free baking show on cable TV in Ontario. Join Sue’s weekly conversations, as she delves into all things celiac and gluten free.

Sounds interesting, hey? She has hosted a number of great people including some dietitians on her show.

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What do I talk about on the podcast?

In episode #20 Amy Horrock RD – Persistent Gut Issues, I chat about why many people have ongoing gut issues even after going on a gluten free diet. The GF diet, although like a magic pill for celiac disease often is not the complete answer.  For many, the gut responds with partial remission, or other problems.  I talk what some of these problems might be, and what might be causing them. Hear my thoughts on probiotics, stress, dairy and other intolerances that sometimes go along with celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

The biggest message is that these issues often can be cleared up with some diet modifications and a little detective work. Everyone is different, so the support of a skilled digestive dietitian is a great place to start.

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How can you listen to the podcast?

Download a podcast player on your phone (search in the app store) or find it on iTunes. Subscribe to A Canadian Celiac Podcast.

If you want to stream off your computer you can find it online here.

Suffering from bloating and pain?

Let me help eliminate those symptoms for you. Learn more about how I can help you here. 

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