Hi I’m Amy Horrock and I’m a registered dietitian.

I work with people with celiac disease who are struggling with persistent digestive symptoms.

I give clients tools to reduce digestive symptoms, while making the steps clear and easy to follow. Clients find more joy in their lives by identifying their triggers and feeling in control again.

Helping people with celiac disease reduce gut symptoms

So you can be free to do what you love

  • I am passionate about celiac disease, gut health, IBS and the gluten free lifestyle.
  • My husband was diagnosed with celiac disease over 5 years ago and we’ve had a gluten free household since.
  • Through my own research on gut health, I was able to support my husband in overcoming significant digestive issues during his first year of healing.
  • I’ve had digestive issues since I was 8 years old. I was diagnosed as an adult with IBS and non-celiac gluten sensitivity and have identified my own digestive triggers.
  • I have 8+ years of experience working as a registered dietitian.
  • These experiences have given me the expertise to help you achieve a reduction in your digestive health symptoms so that you can feel in control and free to do what you love.  

I teach a strategic and evidence based method to soothe the gut and clearly identify symptom triggers. Through this protocol, clients gain control of their bodies, reduce symptoms and become free to do what they love. 

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When I’m not working with clients and creating content for my social media accounts, I can usually be found: 

  • Exploring the outdoors of Vancouver Island with my husband and toddler son
  • Walking along the ocean near my house in Victoria, BC or doing yoga
  • Cooking or baking gluten free goodies
  • Volunteering for the Canadian Celiac Association

Want to know more? Here are 8 fun facts you don’t know about me….       

Want to know more? Here are 8 fun facts you don’t know about me….       

  • I am an avid Harry Potter fan. In grade 8, my sister and I made up an elaborate trivia board game when we were in grade 8. We definitely made our own wands.
  • Winnipeg is where I was born and raised. I’ve lived in Flin Flon, Manitoba and Prince George, BC before moving to Victoria, BC on Vancouver Island.
  • My favourite hikes are a tie between the Berg Lake Trail in Northern BC and the Tongariro Alpine crossing in New Zealand.
  • I drive a Prius. When I was in elementary school I was convinced I would own a Lamborghini one day. A yellow one.
  • My favourite vacation was to Paraguay and Brazil because I got to connect with my family roots, meet relatives, learn new languages and see the house that my great-grandfather built in Paraguay.
  • I dislike eating whole bananas and raw mushrooms. It’s a texture thing.
  • My favourite foods are peanut butter, chocolate, fresh peaches and gluten free cinnamon buns.

Interested in learning more about what I do and how I can help? Here’s what to do now….


Email me at dietitian@clearfocusnutrition.ca or visit me contact me page here.



I suffered with gut pain for years. Not one doctor could solve my problem. With Amy's help my pain was gone within a week! Amy is patient and non-judgmental giving me ideas on how to improve my life style and keep healing.​
I highly recommend setting up a session with Amy if you are gluten free! I learned a lot about what to look for on labels and packaging when confirming gluten free items. Amy provided me with gluten free alternatives to ensure I get proper nutrition in my diet, along with tips to prevent cross contamination.
Prince George

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