12 Days of Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

12 Days of Gluten Free Christmas Cookies

Are you the kind of baker that has Christmas cookies carefully made and tucked away in the freezer until the holidays?

Or are you a last minute baker?

I’m totally a last minute baker.

Are you new to gluten free and not sure what to make this year? I’ve got you covered with a round up of 12 delicious looking holiday baking recipes with everything from sweet decadent classics to healthier versions of cookies. Read on and be inspired by these 12 gluten free Christmas cookie recipes.


Fudge Puddles – Smart Nutrition

These tasty cookies are peanut butter bases filled with fudge on the inside!

Find the recipe here

Gluten Free Pfeffernusse – Clear Focus Nutrition

Here is a gluten free version of a tradition German/Mennonite classic tiny spice cookie.

Find the recipe here

Ginger Molasses Cookies – The Real Food Dietitians

These holiday cookies are grain and egg free cookies that melt in your mouth!

Find the recipe here

Pecan Dream Cookies –  The Inspired RD

A simple delicious cookie with pecans as the star ingredient.

Find the recipe here

Peppermint Chocolate Chunk Marshmallow Creme Cookies – Kumquat

I think the title speaks for itself – so many exciting flavours!

Find the recipe here

Gluten free version of Martha Stewart’s Sugar Cookies

A gluten free take on a classic!

Find the recipe here

Kiss Nut Butter Cookies – Lone Star Nutrition

A super simple recipe but filled with Christmas flavours.

Find the recipe here

Homemade Fig Newtons – Hungry Hobby

Made with almond flour and paleo friendly too!

Find the recipe here

Lentil Power Cookies – Food Crush

Lots of yummy seeds, dried fruit and a secret ingredient that kicks the nutrition up a notch.

Find the recipe here

Peanut Butter Chocolate Swirl Cookies – Foods with Judes

Made with pureed beans instead of flour – a healthy twist and very moist.

Find the recipe here

Cherry Cheesecake Balls – Delicious Dietitian Duo

These vegan beauties are made with cashews instead of cream cheese!

Find the recipe here

Walnut Chocolate Spiced Cookies – BeeKay Nutrition

These healthier cookies use mashed sweet potatoes as the base!

Find the recipe here


Happy Baking!

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  1. YUM these all look amazing – perfect gluten-free baking for the holidays

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